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The winter of our discontent
Count myself a king of infinite space
Where Your Love Has Been Enough For Me (Clark/Lana fic) 
8th-Mar-2009 02:40 pm
terminator: boy and his robot

Title:  Where Your Love Has Been Enough For Me 
Characters:  Clark, Lana,
Ship:  Slight Clark/Lana
Disclaimer:  It's not mine. Never will be.
Summary:  When I’m here it makes me feel like your safe. That I’m safe.
Notes: Ignore season 8. This is set in the future and abides with the comics.

He flew away from the city lights like a shooting star. It had been a long day of rescuing. One moment was all he needed. His apartment with Lois was far from his mind. He flew to the place of his youth. The small town had a nostalgic effect that restored his inner strength differently than the Arctic.

He reached the loft, immediately seeing a lady asleep on the cushion. He stepped closer. The moonlight laid across her, as if in commemoration. He knew she came here at times, like himself. But those visits never led him to believe she would be here this late; instead of at her house.


She slightly shivered due to the chilly night. She breathed deeply in and out, which gave him the notion she had been deprived of peace lately. He took a blanket and tucked it around her. He stepped away pondering if he should take her home…to Pete. Instead he opted to stay here and watch over her.


She lifted her head up noticing him and the blanket on her that wasn’t there before.


“I was going to let you sleep.”


“I see that,” she said sitting up.


“Do you usually spend your nights here?”  He gave a relaxed smile.


“This would have been my first.”  She grinned. “You know I’m a frequent visitor though. I guess I was tired.”


There is a lengthy pause, the distance between them has never felt so sincere. There is time to make up for the time they lost and there is time to gain. They know this and they treasure it. Their friendship is their redemption.


“A little late to be outside your comfortable house. Everything alright at home?”


She looked down. “Pete and me are fine…” Her eyes raised up to him. ”I was concerned about you after the explosion at Luthorcorp I… When I’m here it makes me feel like your safe. That I’m safe.”


“Lana, you know you needn’t worry about me-” He was interrupted by her dysphoric voice.


“Your Superman for Gods sake and I still worry about you… all the time.”


He finally stepped forward, in front of her. “I worry about you all the time.”


She stood up, still tiny, having to crane her neck up to see his eyes. “I’m glad to see you’re alright Superman.”


She turns her eyes to the shelf and walks to it. Her finger skims through the objects and books. He knows she is quite familiar with the materials. This is her way of delaying whatever is on her mind. “I had thought that by now you would have forgotten me.”


He steps beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I will always remember you, Lana.” An owl could be heard nearby. “Let me take you where you should be.”


“You know I love this place.”


“I do. But it wouldn’t be proper for me to let you stay now that you aren’t sleeping.”


He picked her up, just before lifting his feet off the ground up into flight, she whispered, “I wish I didn’t wake up.”

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