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The winter of our discontent
Count myself a king of infinite space
Instincts of Perversion (John/Cameron fic) 
8th-Apr-2009 06:05 pm
pity those without love= h/hr in obhwf
Title: Instincts of Perversion
Characters: John, Cameron, Derek
Disclaimer:  I do not own anything. James Cameron is the godfather of sci-fi in my eyes.
Summary:  some humans do not know love either.
Notes: This just came to me, not too happy with it. I hope there will be a season 3.

Beyond the warmth of the building, the grassy dunes stretched for miles across the landscape. The rising moon deceptively glowed, resembling like the white part of the eye, in the frigid new time of day. The horizon tints the skies in varying shades of red.

He sighs into hazed and humid air.

She sits beside him. He doesn’t know where she has been and he doesn’t care at all to ask.


“I’m glad you’re here with me.” He admits.


She doesn’t move at all, yet he knows she heard him.


“…Or else I’d be alone.” He adds, wanting to hear her response.


 She shifts her head to look at him. He can’t tell what she is thinking.


“Do you wish you had stayed with him?”


She turns away quickly. “He sent me to stay with you.”


“…Yeah, but do you wish you could have stayed with him?”


She gets up and walks away. There are many unresolved resolutions he has had to dismiss. He doesn’t understand why he can’t have this answer.



Later that night, as he sleeps, he hears an angry southern voice that could only be from the upcoming war.


“For her, you’re willin’ to let the world burn?”


He refuses to allow himself to sleep after that.




Infinity is far asunder and inconceivable, but the future is incessantly approaching.


John looks out the window sees Derek is under the hood of the truck.


Derek should tell him. Derek must know…something. Of him and Alison, of him and Cameron.


He marches out of the house with his fists and jaw clenched. He stops after he is off the porch. Derek is wiping his oily hands on a dirty rag.


“Derek,” he calls frustrated.


“Yeah, John?” He looks up.


After waiting a few moments, John finally shakes his head and retreats back inside.


He could ask Derek questions, but it would just be too easy. It’s best for now he doesn’t know the future.


Maybe he already knows how it goes.


He pushes the thoughts away before it settles.



She is a machine, but he sometimes would like to know how she is feeling.


When he realizes his strange thought, he takes off somewhere to re-occupy his mind.


They don’t know love

But what is banished and ignored often is: some humans do not know love either.


He needs to start thinking like a soldier.

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