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The winter of our discontent
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The Past, Present, and Future (Clark/Lana fic) 
6th-Mar-2009 12:17 pm
Title: The Past, Present, and Future
Characters:  Lana, Clark,
Disclaimer: It's not mine. Never will be.
 He doesn’t say her name like she dreamed he would when he did return. But then again she’s had nightmares where he doesn’t show up at all.
Notes: Ignore season 8. I wrote this during early s7, to be after Clark had trained with Jor-El and has been Superman for a month or more. This fic came about when a friend and me were discussing how awesome this vid was, and how Clana their story time-line is one big repetition, a circle. It is ironic considering Requiem but… The familiar scene is from 'Phoenix'.


Lana Lang had turned on a lamp while everyone else one by one grabbed their coats and left their cubicles or locked their office for the day. A few waved telling her "see you tomorrow”. Some of the men passed by with lust in their eyes. A perky lady told Lana a number of the girls were getting together at Mendolo’s for the evening and if she would join. Lana politely turned down the offer.


At eight o’clock Lana shut off her computer and began packing up. It is then that Clark appears before her.


She closes a drawer and picks up a stack of papers, she looks up when she feels she is not alone. Her mouth drops open slightly for a moment. It’s Superman, himself. Then, she clears her throat and sets the papers down.




He doesn’t say her name like she dreamed he would when he did return. But then again she’s had nightmares where he doesn’t show up at all. She wonders if he is here with her now out of kindness or civil duty. Whichever the reason, it’s not the reasons she hoped for.


“You're here?” she asks slowly, for him to open up to her. She raises her hand to touch him, but stops when she recognizes the expression on his face.


He looks confused at her. “You know it’s me…Clark?” He looks surprised that she could see right through his alter-ego.


“Of course,” It disappointed her that he believed she wouldn’t. “I knew when I first heard about all the heroic deeds you’ve been doing. Only one man could have a heart that caring and self-sacrificing.”


In a split second, Superman was no longer in front of her, with a superspeed change, Clark was.

He stood stoically in front of her. There was nothing emotionally to read, which infuriated her. Is that what he wanted? Was that all he wanted? To know if she knew his new secret?


“Hi,” he said nervously.


“Hi?” she asked in fuming shock. “Did you even miss me?” she questioned.


His face softened. “I missed you every second.”


As much as those words console, they verify a sad truth. She remembers this scene had been played out years before. The recollection repeats itself; unintentionally rises up from the past. It’s a never ending cycle. He and she proceed in circles. Their past and future permanently intertwine in the present. Is destiny or fate telling them they are on the wrong path? She doesn’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.


She supposes some may use the term ‘star crossed’. And if it is true she doesn’t give a damn. Time and memories remind her that she can never give him up. He must believe so too, or he would not be in front of her now.


He clears his throat. “Will you have dinner with me? There’s a lot we have to discuss- somethings I want to tell you.”


She wants to say ‘yes’ she can never say ‘no’ when he is willing to talk. However, maybe fate has already made the choice for her. She doesn’t care. For him, she would do anything. Even go against destiny. Hell probably the both of them have been doing that for years. 


“I’d love to.” She places her hand into his extended hand.


He grinned a toothy smile, full of that boyish charm that never seemed to falter. She fell hard, as usual, and melted into a puddle then and there. When he left she only had the memory of his smile. How had she been deprived of the real thing for months?

They walk together to the elevator. She looks down at their entwined hands.  The hand she holds now does so many incredibly great things. His hands save people on a daily basis. They had used to hold her and save her in the past. Could they still in the future?

7th-Mar-2009 01:11 am (UTC)
Aw, it seems like we had that conversation just a few months ago. Time sure does fly. :)

I'm sure I told you this when I first read it, but I like how Lana works late. She's just trying to fill up her time and her reaction to Clark's return is understandable. Although, hugs are nice too. lol.

It's nice to know that history repeats itself.

7th-Mar-2009 02:24 am (UTC)
No way it's been a good long year! I have a few more fics to post. I can't believe I had these saved away in my computer after I sent them to you.

I miss them already.
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